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The Landshark Process

Step 1: Listen, Discuss, & Educate

  • Each project starts with an open conversation discussing your ideas and what you're trying to accomplish. I firmly believe in accomplishing your goals. Far too often in this industry goals are not accomplished, budgets are blown with non essential upgrades the AV designer wants to incorporate, and much is promised or touted as a feature that never comes to fruition. So how does Landshark AV accomplish your goals?

  • Active Listening: During our initial consult you will notice I take very detailed notes. We discuss the project on a broad macro scale eventually drilling down through each space on a micro level when final component selections are being made.

  • Constant Communication: Throughout your project we will stay in constant communication. Technology moves fast these days and is always evolving. It is important you are aware of the updates and new product offerings. I also know that if you are building your dream home or even remodeling a single room, construction often changes, making a consistent back and forth imperative for a successful AV system. 

  • Your Options, Your Choice: With a firm understanding of the project and goals we can start discussing product and installation options to make your dream a reality. My many years of experience have shown me that a lot of AV companies offer a wide range of products but are laser focused on pushing the few products that they make the highest margins on. This is terrible business practice and a dis-service to the end client as it often creates a poor user experience. Landshark AV's sole focus is to offer and use products we know will stand the test of time and function at a high level. 

Step 2: Design & Budget

  • I sit down and take the time to review everything discussed in order to make a customized system proposal.  ​The scope and type of project (new build with blueprints, renovation, retrofit) will inform how in depth the proposal will be. 

  • After the initial proposal, we come up with a realistic budget together, based on your goals.

  • Your custom technology proposal is fluid to change throughout the design process, as wants may change or new product offerings may come along. This is why I recommend that all my new home construction and renovation clients prewire for more then they will initially need. It is lightyears more inexpensive to put wiring in place prior to drywall and insulation than after.

Step 3: Final Selections, Installation, and Programming

  • Final product selections are made, signed off on, and ordered. 

  • Rack Systems will be built and assembled off site. Why?

    • Components will be tested​ and firmware will be updated

    • Serial Numbers will be recorded and registered for your warranty protection

    • Basic programming will all be completed

    • Leads to a cleaner and more seamless installation at your home

    • Lowers labor costs compared to a traditional install for countless reasons

  • System is loaded, transported, delivered, installed, and tested, then tested again. 

Step 4: Educate and Remote Management

  • We go over the entire rack together as I explain each component and what it does. I take the time to answer all the questions you have. At this point, the fun starts. I guide you through the basic system operations on handheld remotes, touchscreens, tablets, and phones that you own. I make sure you have a firm grasp of how to operate the system and then frequently check in with you over the first month. Often times, a return trip or two is needed to give a hands on lesson or make a few custom programming changes. 

  • You may have noticed that education is listed in this process twice. This is not by accident. It is imperative that you fully understand and are comfortable with your system. From a simple, single room solution with a TV and sound bar to a full blown multi room connected smart home, knowing how it works and what makes it work is essential to a great user experience. Education shouldn't end when the integrator walks out the door after the install which, unfortunately, is often the case. There will be questions and more training and programming will be needed as your system grows and evolves. I love what I do and will be happy to assist you with it all. 

  • This is where Remote Management can be extremely effective. Any control or networking system purchased through Landshark AV with remote management capability comes with this service free of charge for 1 full year from date of installation. Remote management through the cloud includes, but is not limited to, Product Software Updates, Firmware Updates, Equipment Power Cycles, and Network, Security Camera, and Control System Monitoring. No matter what equipment you purchase or who installs it, eventually there will be something that goes awry. Remote Management with Landshark AV is your ace in the hole.

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