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Residential, Commercial, New Construction

Audio & Video​​

  • Multi Room AV

  • Home Theater

  • Surround Sound Systems

  • Outdoor Speakers & TV

  • HiFi Electronics and Speakers

  • 4K TV's and Wall Mounting

Networking & Automation

  • Wired and Wi-Fi Networking

  • Lighting, Shade & Climate Control

  • Video Surveillance Cameras

  • Cell Phone Boosters

  • Smart Video Doorbells and Devices

  • Whole Home Smart System Control

Design Services

  • Wiring Diagrams

  • Do-It-Yourself Plans

  • Whole Home/Single Room

  • Outdoor Landscape Technology

Distributed Audio & Video

  • Distributed Audio places custom in-ceiling/in-wall speakers in rooms throughout the home as you wish.

  • Distributed Video places televisions/projectors in any rooms throughout the home that you desire.​​

    • Centralized equipment maximizes potential of components

    • Provides listening ability of different sources at different volume levels throughout your home

    • Prolongs life of the equipment

    • No visible wires, cords, open cabinets


Custom Home Theater

  • The "Media Room" provides an incredible place to get away from the daily grind and simply relax.

    • Entry level to state of the art systems available with universal control using 1 remote

    • Large TV/Projector and custom or traditional floor standing speakers

    • Custom Configured seating to the room

    • Surround Sound makes you feel like you are part of the movie

    • Acoustic treatments​ improve and isolate sound to the room



  • Reliable and fast wireless and hard-lined internet is an absolute necessity in today's world.

    • Rock Solid networking for streaming video and audio

    • The most important piece of any home automation system

    • Remote managed firmware updates and security


Structured Wiring

  • The "Pre-Wire" is an essential component to any smart home

    • Audio, video, and network lines to distribute content throughout the home

    • Solutions for today and for the future; conduit options available as well

    • Faster speeds through hardwired connections than WiFi

  •  Wiring and futureproofing with Conduit A-La-Carte

Lighting, Shade, and Climate Control

  • Lighting Control

    • Create unique scenes for different occasions and times of the day​

    • Maximize your energy savings by never accidentally leaving a light on again

    • Turn any light in your house on or off from your bed or while away on vacation

  • Shade​ - Automated Window Coverings

    • Allow as little or as much natural light in as you want,​ with the tap of a button

    • Create unique scenes for different occasions, times of day, and seasons

  •  Climate Control

    • Save on energy bills with custom programmed temperature settings at different times of day

    • Digital app based control reduces wall clutter as thermostats can be hidden out of sight

    • Control home temperature from home or away​

Video Surveillance

  • IP Video Monitoring enables you to check on your home, day or night, home or away, in real time

  • Deters would be thieves at a fraction of the cost of a whole home security system

  • Easily view recordings from 2 mins - months past. Perfect for people who enjoy long vacations

Design Services

  • Think Architect of All Things Technology

    • Detailed Wiring Diagrams​

    • Full System/Single Room AV Design (Product, Cables, etc.)

    • Networking (Access Points, Router, Switches)

  • DIY Plans - Wiring Diagrams, Product selection and instruction/support on how to hook it all up. If it becomes more challenging then originally planned, on site technical support is available to install. 

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